Bookie Cricket

Bookie Cricket 1.0

Call the decisions in this cricket betting game


  • Looks nice
  • Fun concept


  • Get tiresome after a while

Not bad

Bookie Cricket is a betting game where you have to correctly predict the umpire's decisions in order to win money.

In Bookie Cricket you are played a series of short animations of cricketing action and must correctly guess whether the umpire gave the batsmen in or out. These decisions involve catches, LBWs and run outs, and will test your powers of observation and cricketing insight.

You start with $7,000 and must reach a given amount in order to progress to the next match in Bookie Cricket. Bets are based around a straight 'In' or 'Out' decision. Keep winning and you'll progress through lots of test matches and earn more money. Do well enough and you can even make it to the online leaderboard.

Although Bookie Cricket is fun for a while, even die-hard cricket fans will tire of its format quickly. After all, it's essentially just a game of press one out of two buttons over and over again!

Bookie Cricket


Bookie Cricket 1.0

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